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Premium Nordic tea for joy, wellness and authentic soul


The reviewers
of Nordic meadows

Tea may become your favorite ritual of the day and the latest trend in well-being.

We truly believe that there is a real beauty behind every herb found in our fields. And we would love to tell you more about them!

PLŪKT sustainability commitment

With PLŪKT we wanted to create something meaningful that doesn’t do any harm to nature and people. Our drive was to create something that will keep our environment and the local area of Madona natural. Something that will benefit people all around the world. Here is to enjoying natural tea in sustainable way!

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Meet the World's 1st black tea born in Northern Europe!


Made of certified-organic wild Fireweed leaves, NORDIC BLACK is caffeine-free and light alternative to traditional black teas. Natural energy-booster!


PLŪKT teas are certified-organic. Tea bag packaging materials are sourced from certified suppliers and proved to be GMO free and biodegradable.

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