Why settle for less when you can have everything!?

We believe that you shall benefit from every sip of PLŪKT tea! Our research shows that herbs which are cut in powder or small pieces are much less rich in good values. Thus natural size of herbs is preserved in our loose teas – we produce whole leaves and whole flower tea.

Even our tea bags contain leaves of several herbs in their natural size, e.g., Jasmine, Northern bedstraw, Lady’s Mantle, Camomile, Calendula and Cornflower. Only some of the herbs that we pick in full length are cut in a size of 3 cm.

Quick tip! Use ~1.5 tsp of loose tea for 1 tea cup (200-250 ml cup); and if you're brewing Wild Raspberry leaf tea or Nordic Black, feel free to brew it 2 more times, it’s strong enough! Explore our tea selection here.