What makes brands inspirational? Interview with Kachka Lavka

Change before you have to! (Jack Welch)

With this quote we want to start our retailer series in which we seek answer to very important question – what makes brand inspirational and how to stand out among so many brands out there?! We had short, but rich interview with our beloved retailer in Portland, Oregon - Kachka Lavka. Brew a tea, take a seat and enjoy the read.

What is inspirational brand for you?

Brands that have strong origins and where the ownership is passionate about what they do. Of course, it is important to make a profit, but the brands that really grab me exist because the people behind them are obsessed with sharing their products with the world.

There are plenty of great brands and products out there, how do you select brands for your store?

We want, as much as possible, to work with brands that have a strong ethos and identity.

Brands that produce products that have integrity with strong cultural roots, impeccable sourcing, and artisan practices. This is, unfortunately, very hard to find within the former Soviet republics, but PLŪKT is a real pioneer in this way.

Why did you select PLŪKT for your store?

Kachka Lavka shares the culinary heritage and traditions of the former Soviet republics. The unique flora of Latvia is no better embodied than through the pristine tisanes that PLŪKT creates. We are proud to have PLŪKT products on our shelves.

What PLŪKT values you appreciate the most?

The dedication to working with local farms and foragers means that PLŪKT products share the terroir of Latvia. I love this.

What your clients appreciate the most about the PLŪKT teas?

The blends are so well-balanced. The packaging is beautiful. The whole experience is indulgent.

What is your favourite PLŪKT tea?

I love White Nights! It is ever-so-lightly fruity without being sweet at all. I feel that a lot of fruity teas use rosehip which is very intensely sour. The resulting brew can be so imbalanced - and White Nights is nothing like that. It is elegant and soothing.


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