What is the most beautiful and harmonious thing to do?

The process of hand-picking tea in our wild and magical Nordic meadows and forests. Step in to a meadow covered with morning fog or walk through a sun-translucent forest. Each and every member of PLŪKT team finds joy in the tea manufacturing process.

PLŪKT follows very accurate and qualified process to make sure you receive the best possible taste and most vivid tea. We look for the most remote, wild and only certified-organic Nordic meadows and forests. We have fields on our own and we work with over 15 organic farms.

The herbs growing in this environment are the most concentrated with oils, extracts and the good values. There are only two herbs that are specially grown in our organic farms – Peppermint and Jerusalem artichoke, because initially they can't be found in wildlife.

We do precise research on each herb – we register the timing of flowering for each plant as well as where it was found and other parameters. It helps us to build a base of information that we use to understand how environment changes and what exactly affects the way herbs are growing.

Late Spring and Summer is the season of ours, we make herb blossoming calendar which shows at what time each plant blossoms and for how long. It keeps us on track since most of the herbs flower at one and the same time. Every day is crucial. In fact, herbs continue to blossom even when it rains..., and we always compete with the bees.

Now you know why PLŪKT tea is so vivid and tasty. It is all because of our accurate and qualified manufacturing processes. Each and every processes are done by hands, and the herbs are dried by using sun and wind energy. We all work hard to preserve biological diversity of our fields. Thank you for choosing PLŪKT!