Two sides of the Black tea

Black tea – a wonderful tea, so much loved and appreciated all around the globe. Asia-Pacific countries and USA are said to be the biggest black tea consumers, and a global tea production lay in hands of few countries only – China, India, Kenya, Sri-Lanka, and Turkey. But you know guys, everything that is so demanded and consumed on such a large scale, has two sides: the good one and the bad one.

The good one:

  • Black tea is a tasty tea that has many health benefits;

  • Tea drinking is an ancient tradition that is kept alive today;

  • Tea brings together family, friends and acquaintances to have a good time and encourages deep conversations;

  • Black tea industry provides many jobs in the rural areas;

  • … we could continue for hours.

The less shiny part of the black tea industry:

  • Wages of the tea estate workers are still low;

  • Working conditions are troubling;

  • Women and kids are still exploited in the tea fields;

  • Chemicals are used to produce more and more tea;

  • Beverage/food industry contributes largely to the global waste;

  • & that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We at PLŪKT value nature and people above all, thus our mission is to provide you with an excellent tea and to leave as little footprint as possible. Here is how we do that:

  • We produce Nordic black tea from the wild, certified-organic herbs that naturally grow in Nordic meadows and forests;

  • our production is sustainable from A to Z;

  • PLŪKT Nordic black tea is free from caffeine and chemicals;

  • we provide additional source of income to farmers in the local area; some of these farmers are women with fewer opportunities to join a full time job;

  • we choose only sustainable packaging (metal cans for our premium teas, recyclable cardboard boxes for loose teas & compostable tea bags);

  • we encourage our customers to recycle and care about the environment.

We invite you to choose PLŪKT Nordic Black tea – certified organic, caffeine and chemicals free, produced in a sustainable manner. It is a healthy and refreshing alternative to the existing black tea products around the globe. You can have it here. Thank you for choosing PLŪKT!