True or false? Common myths about herbal tea

Herbal teas are just for medical purposes!

False. Herbal teas are for both – for joy and for health benefits.

Fully boiled water burns minerals in the water and tea.

True. Heat the water up to 90°C (194°F) which is nearly boiling temperature. It is important to not to boil it – as it is known, water contains one of the most important minerals and goodies, and we want to have them also in our tea.

I cannot overdose tea.

False. You can overdose tea if you drink one kind of tea 3 times a day for more than 2 weeks. Suggestion: change tea flavour every two weeks. Daily dose: 2 cups of one kind of tea will keep you sharp. If you choose tea blends, as White Night or Blossom, you can drink them more often, as different herbs balance each other.

Honey makes tea healthier.

False. It brings taste, no doubt. Actually, if you add honey to hot tea, you get only sugar from it and all the healthy part of your teatime is gone. Suggestion: add honey to tea when it is mildly hot or even better - eat it separately.

All green and black teas contain caffeine.

False. Green and black teas do contain caffeine, but not all. We have created unique, energy boosting and 100% caffeine-free Nordic Black and Nordic Green teas.

Herbal teas have no expiration date?

True and False. Everything has an expiration date, but if you keep your herbal teas in closed, opaque boxes where direct sunlight cannot get in – you can enjoy them for years.

Peppermint tea is energy booster.

False. People see peppermint tea as energy booster as it contains many menthol elements and essential oils. But actually, peppermint tea, taking into account its herbal characteristics, is one of the most calming teas out there.

Choose your favourite teas here! Have a good one and benefit from every sip!