Pure, tender, delicate - Lady's Mantle Tea

Lady's Mantle – majestic Nordic herb. PLŪKT team collects the delicate little flowers and leaves of the herb exactly right now – when they are in full bloom. Explore its majesty and have it fresh at home, as the Lady's Mantle tea is back in stock!

Lady's Mantle rises and shines at the time of Midsummer celebration. While having nearly 18 hours of daylight, maximum sunlight, and warmth, there couldn't be better conditions for Lady's mantle to grow.

In Nordic midsummer, girls make flower crowns out of Lady's mantle, wash faces in its collected water drops and run through the meadows, all of which can be savoured in one small cup.

PLŪKT Leaves contain essential oils, flavonoids, coumarin, and vitamin C. It cleanses and strengthens the body, improves metabolism and women health.

Order the tea fresh now!

Thank you for choosing PLŪKT!

Certified-organic, Caffeine-free, Hand-picked in wild meadows of Northern Europe. #benefitfromeverysip


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