PLŪKT Mint Iced Tea recipe - all natural and refreshing


PLŪKT peppermint tea

1 Lime

1 lemon

2 tsp. honey 1L water Ice


  • Pour 6 tsp. of PLŪKT peppermint tea into a cup

  • Add 250 ml heated water (90°C /194°F)

  • Brew for 15 minutes, remove the leaves and cool the infusion

  • Add honey, stir it until it melts

  • Pour 750 ml of cold water into a separate pitcher

  • Add the infusion and mix

  • Add lime juice, ice cubes, sliced lemon

PLŪKT peppermint tea is made of two special species of Mint: Chocolate Mint (dark, elliptical leaves; mentholic taste and aroma) and Round Leave Mint Tea (soft flavour, magical aroma, calming).

If you choose to enjoy it now you will probably get Round Leave Mint Tea, but starting from August – Chocolate Mint. Choice is yours, always!

To have our Peppermint tea at home click here.


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