PLŪKT Iced Tea recipe - joy of Nordic Black and orange


7 PLŪKT Nordic Black Tea Bags / or ~15g loose Nordic Black Tea

750 ml of cold water

1 Orange

2 tsp. Sweet Syrup (optional).PLŪKT choice: Quince or Elderberry Ice

To garnish: fresh mint leaves


  • Pour 750 ml of cold water into a pitcher

  • Add Nordic Black Tea

  • Put the pitcher in a cooled room

  • Leave the pitcher uncovered in the direct sunlight to brew for 8-12 hours

  • Remove the teabags or tea leaves

Before serving: add sliced orange, ice, 2tsp. of sweet syrup (optional) and fresh mint leaves

PLŪKT Nordic Black Tea is fermented Fireweed. Because of the wild fireweed which is naturally rich in minerals and hand-made fermenting processes,

it is a healthy and refreshing alternative to existing black tea products. It is free from caffeine and chemicals.

Enjoy and benefit from every sip! To have our black tea at home click here. Thank you for choosing PLŪKT.


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