People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories and magic - Seth Godin

We resonate to this quote very deeply, because as a brand and as a team we do care about true relations, we believe in authentic stories and real life magic. This time we had a talk with our wonderful retailer in Germany - Ankerherz - about what makes a brand inspirational. They inspire us with their thoughtful storytelling, maritime soul and rough edges, that is for sure.

What is inspirational brand for you? Authenticity is a key to all our products and activities. We just love brands with an authentic story and background. A sustainable approach is also very important for us.

There are plenty of great brands out there, how do you select brands for your store? It is important for us, that a brand is environmentally friendly, sustainable and offers products you wouldn’t find anywhere else. All brands we work with are connected by their Nordic or maritime soul and of course a quality that speaks for itself.

Why did you select PLŪKT for your store?

First we were curious about the black tea that comes along without any caffeine and its great taste convinced as much as the tastes of the other two beautiful PLŪKT teas we have in stock. Also the background of the brand - being organic and working with nordic plants and herbs and being founded and run by mother and daughter - was just right up our street. It all fit perfectly into our shop and we had another lovely story to tell about our products.

What PLŪKT values you appreciate the most?

The idea of using what nature gives you right in front of your own door and creating something special and unique with it, that both looks and tastes amazing.

What your clients appreciate the most about the PLŪKT teas?

Our customers love both the outside and the inside of the PLŪKT teas. They buy it for the beautiful boxes, are curious about the tea and come back to the refill options for the lovely taste.

What is your favourite PLŪKT tea?

We love all three options we offer currently on our shop.

The Nordic black for the taste of black tea without the effect of sleepless nights when you drink it in the evenings. The Nordic blossom for its pretty look in the cup and the floral herby taste. And The White Night for its beautiful minty freshness.


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