Midsummer dusk - PLŪKT magical Gift Sets

Nature calms down, sun is setting, chilly feeling overtakes your body, deep breath in, deep breath out... dusk is here. There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than Nordic Midsummer. Savour the power of nature in a cup of PLŪKT tea - choose the most magical Midsummer gift sets out there.


This is an exclusive gift to show care, sympathy and appreciation to the other person. Choose between two unique green and black caffeine free teas – Nordic Black and Nordic Green, or two blends combining the most vivid and aromatic herbs – Blossom and White Night. Both are wrapped in matte black premium quality gift box with elegant golden folium print and a hand-written note. Find out more.


This is a gift set to impress, indeed! It combines all four PLŪKT premium line teas - Nordic Black, Nordic Green, Blossom, White Night. Set is beautifully wrappend in a branded cardboard box, white decorative tissue paper and a hand-written note. Find out more.

Thank you for choosing PLŪKT!

Certified-organic, Caffeine-free, Hand-picked in wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe. Benefit from every sip!