Gift season is here! Which tea will stand out in the gift set?

Believe it or not, for PLŪKT gift season starts already in mid August. Every year we get to work with caring, mindful and inspiring companies and organizations that are looking for exclusive corporate gifts. Together we take it to the next level creating gift sets that will last and inspire the receiver for years to come!

When asked about the vision and purpose of the gift set, our corporate clients are very modest about it saying that they simply wish to surprise their customers, employees and partners. What can often be found behind the scenes is that they are looking for ways how to show appreciation, express gratitude and represent their core values in a beautiful and lasting manner.

Therefore, it is important to select the most suitable tea. The easiest way is to look at company's brand colours and see how they relate with PLŪKT tea design. Which tea would represent similar palette and enrich the gift set?

Here are TOP picks among our corporate clients:

  1. Wild raspberry leaf tea - aromatic tea with rich taste, represents mood of a cozy winter evening.

  2. Linden tea - sweet and well-known taste, a classic choice to represent traditional values.

  3. Nordic Black tea - being the 1st Northern European caffeine-free alternative to black tea, it represents innovation and sustainability.

  4. Wild strawberry leaf tea - light and refreshing taste, represents a playful mood.

  5. Blossom tea - a combination of the most vivid and beautiful Nordic wild tea flowers. A gift that truly blossoms all year long!

Tip: if you wish to add variety, instead of picking 1 tea sort for all gift sets, make a combination of 3 sorts. In PLŪKT assortment there are 15 different teas - you can play with designs, colours and tastes. For example, if you are looking for 100 gift sets try to choose 20 units of Wild raspberry tea, 20 units of Linden tea, 20 units of Yarrow tea, 20 units of Peppermint tea and 20 units of Lady's mantle tea.

Next step would be to think about customization options. Make your logo and message pop out by choosing design labels attached to PLŪKT corporate gift sets. It allows to create personal touch and works as a place where to include a story, greeting or inspiring quote. For more information on customization, please visit PLŪKT corporate gift section.

Got excited for the upcoming gift season? Let's get in touch and make exclusive, thoughtful and lasting gift sets together!

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