Four Summer picks from Māra

Hi, I’m Māra. Thank You for being here! PLŪKT is one of my dreams coming true and I’m more than grateful that our Nordic teas are appreciated by people in 14 countries around the globe. Today I would be pleased to guide You through summer by introducing with my selection of summer teas.

Summer teas with the Summer breeze...

PLŪKT Wild Strawberry tea

is very much about the leaves, a deliciously concentrated natural substance that fills you with energy and goodness. They promote the elimination of salts from the body, it is great source of vitamins and has a calming effect. I choose Wild Strawberry tea to add some joy and aroma to my day!


This balancing, energy-boosting, day-time tea is a blend made by combining the most vivid and energizing flowers of wild Northern meadows and forests. My other choise for energy boost. This fantastic blend contains calendula, peppermint, ehinacea, fireweed, cornflower, cowslip and oregano.

PLŪKT Nordic Black Tea

is fermented Fireweed. Because of the wild fireweed which is naturally rich in minerals and hand-made fermenting processes, it is a healthy and refreshing alternative to existing black tea products. It is free from caffeine and chemicals. I enjoy it in the morning and afternoons to boost my energy.

Linden Tea

This delightful, legendary and honey alike herb blossoms once a year for an average of seven days, it continues to blossom even when it rains thus leaving less time to collect it, making it a tea to be savoured with every sip. The flowers contain essential oils, carotene, vitamin C. I prefer to have it in the evenings due to its calming effect.

All summer teas are freshly hand-picked and available in our e-store #benefitfromeverysip


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