Cowslip in full bloom. Take a look

Slowly but steadily a cowslip meadow turns into infusion. All the beauty of springtime sun is captured in this brave little cowslip flower! Hand-picked and naturally dried - PLŪKT COWSLIP tea is freshly fresh and back in stock!

Cowslip grows only in biologically diverse and naturally maintained meadows. Cowslip tea is the perfect tea to wake up to! Energy boost with the right amount of calm, deeply detoxing and healing. It helps you to relief everything that has to go - be it stress, week, greyish mood or unpleasant feeling in the stomach.

People in Northern Europe has appreciated this spring tea already since the 18th century. Useful tip: when in nature and plucking cowslip, leave at least one flower in the plant, otherwise it can disappear in this particular place! Explore it here.

Thank you for choosing PLŪKT!

Certified-organic, Caffeine-free, Hand-picked in wild meadows of Northern Europe. #benefitfromeverysip


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