Celebrating Autumn: it is Jerusalem Artichoke flower time!

Just when it feels like Summer is over and all the herbs are preparing for colder season, there is one special plant which experiences its showtime. Transition from Summer to Autumn for PLŪKT team means that it is time to celebrate Jerusalem Artichoke blooming time.

PLŪKT fields of Jerusalem Artichoke in morning fog in early September.

You don't judge one by its name - the complexity in the title is the contrast to mildness in the flavour. The yellow buds come to life and the drink becomes a pleasure - in taste and in looks.

Here are some of the possible benefits of Jerusalem Artichoke flower tea to note::

  1. Helps to decrease the level of sugar in blood;

  2. Improves digestive health;

  3. Improves the health of livers;

  4. Regulates blood pressure.

  5. Dietary product!

While some say it has nut-alike taste, it is characterized as semi-sweet and intense. Jerusalem Artichoke flower tea by no means is suitable for calming tea rituals. In fact, it can be brewed in late evenings due to its health benefits, however the taste will keep you up and going!

Could Jerusalem Artichoke flower tea be your next pick? Look for certified organic flower tea here.


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