At the very base of PLŪKT is curiousity and willingness to learn about the great variety of herbs that can be found in our fields. We share this knowledge and experience with our customers in a way that allows them to explore and understand the value of each herb. That's the way of design, communication and continuous research. We want to make sure that you are able to have a cup of sun-filled tea in joyful, stylish and tender way. 


We rather call our selves as THE REVIEWERS OF THE NATURE . The ones who look for new species and research its value and unique aspects. So the next time you are willing to try PLŪKT tea you would be positively surprised in terms of taste, vivid look and aroma.

This our HERBARIUM - source of inspiration and guideline of PLŪKT brand. It consists 50 different herbs that can be found in our fields. Each day we look for new ones since there are about 1260 more to be found in Nordic meadows.

There is a great journey ahead! And we are so glad to have you with us on this path!


Hand-picking tea is one of the most beautiful and harmonious tasks. Step in to a meadow covered with morning fog or walk through a sun-translucent forest. Each and every member of PLŪKT team finds joy in the tea manufacturing process.

PLŪKT follows very accurate and qualified process to make sure you receive the best possible taste and most vivid tea. See step by step gallery on how we manufacture the tea!


On 11th of May PLŪKT was awarded as the best Startup company of 2018 in Latvia in competition held by Junior Achievement Latvia. Soon - on 25th to 27th of June we will be representing Latvia in the European final taking place in Riga, Latvia. We will compete with 16 other Startup teams from Europe.

Competition consisted of 3 main parts. First of all we handed in Pitch Deck which perfectly reflected the niche of ours and described the processes, goals and products of PLŪKT to the jury without the presence of the team. The main part of the competition was Public Presentation which was given in Culture center of Jurmala, Latvia. At the end PLŪKT team gave Elevator Pitch to the jury and had 15 minute interview. In fact, we made sure that the jury truly enjoys the time spent with us while having a cup PLŪKT Black tea. 

The members of the jury were highly experienced professionals representing such companies as Draugiem Group, Printful and foundation "Zivis".